Springboro Community Assistance Center

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Open Second and Fourth Tuesday/Wednesday of each month from 3:30pm-5:30pm.

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Springboro Community Assistance Center
40 Florence Drive
Springboro, Ohio 45066
Phone: (937) 572-6488

The Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) was created in 2007 to assist families in need of food and other services.

Families who need assistance are able to utilize the center as the need arises.  The goal of the SCAC is self sufficiency and improved quality of life for all family members.

Most of the families who are helped are working hard to overcome the challenges of layoffs, single parenthood, or insufficient wages to support the family.  All of these issues directly impact the children and their ability to thrive at school and within the community.



Official Relocation Announcement

The Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) is excited to announce that we will soon be relocating to third floor of the EduCare Building adjacent to CareFlight Field on the Springboro Junior High/Senior High School campus. The SCAC recently executed a five-year lease with Premier Health Partners to relocate to the vacant space. "This relocation is truly a benefit to both the SCAC and Premier, as the SCAC is able to utilize a new, centrally located space within the Springboro and Clearcreek Township communities, and Premier gets a tenant that will bring people into the building and hopefully spur some additional activity for them," stated Wendy Ford, SCAC Executive Director. Thanks to Premier and their continual community involvement and outreach, Premier is relieving a majority of the financial burden from the SCAC in terms of the lease and future operation of the Center within the space.

When the SCAC was established in 2007, it originally came from a need to help a limited number of families with students in the Springboro School district. It grew quickly through partnerships with a number of churches and community organizations. Now, the SCAC is completely separate from the school district and operates under the financial umbrella of the Warren County Foundation. "Although it started within our district, today it is independent from our schools. Still, several of our students volunteer with the SCAC and school groups often partner with the SCAC for food drives," said Karen DeRosa, District Communications Coordinator. "The Board of Education is pleased to approve the agreement between Premier Health and the SCAC to move the SCAC to a location that is convenient and central in our community."

The lease with Premier commences December 1. As everyone knows, moving can be quite an undertaking, especially with an all-volunteer organization, so planning has already begun. "We are hoping if the initial preparation of the space goes well, and the weather cooperates after the holidays, we will be moving sometime during the middle of January," according to Wendy. As always, the SCAC will be seeking volunteers to help with the move. Additional information about the move and request for volunteers will be provided through the SCAC website, Facebook page and this E-Newsletter. Thank you to everyone for your time and financial support in the past. This is truly a great step into our bright future!

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BackPack Program

We are currently serving 101 children who receive free/reduced lunches with food on the weekends. We fill the bags during the week and then on Friday the bags are distributed in the schools for the children to receive. The bags are then picked up on Monday for them to be filled back up again. We are currently partnering with Springboro Baptist Church for the 101 children. The children are identified by the schools by need and being on free/reduced lunch.

If you would like to donate to the BackPack program - simply click on the "Donations" button to the left and follow the instructions! Or click below to download more information! You can also watch a short video about the backpack program made by a local Destination Imagination team - The Case of The Missing Back Pack!

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