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SCAC Receives Compassionate Donation

Three fifth graders at Five Points Elementary demonstrated their compassion for others by working to collect a generous donation for the Springboro Community Assistance Center.

Students Jasmyn Edmonson, Ava Donohoe and Sydney Trawick collected dozens of items for the SCAC’s food pantry for their Compassion Project, part of their English/Language Arts class.

“For the project, the students were challenged to choose a cause by which they felt inspired to help,” said teacher Alisha Jung, who teaches the class with Lindsay Slamer.

“They researched their topic and conducted a phone or face to face interview. After the interview phase, they decided what they could actively do to help their cause.”

“They had a good time collecting everything,” said Julie Edmondson, Jasmyn’s mother. “We’re hoping to get in as a group and help in the near future.”

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