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Run a Virtual Race for SCAC

SCAC is partnering with F45 Training of Springboro in a virtual race for charity.

F45 approached SCAC with the idea based on Key Sports conducting “virtual” races for charity. Key Sports is well known for its local operation of a number of charity events.

“Now, more than ever, the running community needs to come together to stay active, healthy, and positive to support those impacted by the elimination of large events,” Key Sports says on its website. “Our virtual race platform will help our partners raise critical funds and provide an outlet for runners and walkers to stay connected.”

When F45 Springboro owners Brittany Byrley and Natasha Kristopher heard what Key was doing, they knew exactly who to call: Wendy Ford, Executive Director of the SCAC.

“We want to get as many people participating as we can,” Byrley said. “We could make this huge. You don’t even have to be in Springboro.”

Beginning Monday, April 27, runner and walker can go to Key Sports website and register to support SCAC. One hundred percent of the $10 registration fee goes to SCAC and swag packages are also available.

Participants can run or walk competing against themselves or coordinating with family and friends to compete. Events include one mile, 5K, 10K and half and full marathons (although no one is measuring, Byrley noted). Key Sports also offers a free downloadable app to track progress and participation for those who are interested.

SCAC will benefit from virtual race registrations for the next two weeks, Byrley said.

Ford added that the funds are greatly needed right now. The SCAC has gone from helping 300 people each month to 900 or more each month during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The money will stay in our community,” Ford added. “I can’t begin to tell you how amazing our community is. We take care of each other.”



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