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Volunteers at Heart of SCAC

We are grateful for every thought and minute our volunteers have given us in this past, difficult year. Many community members have made volunteering at SCAC a habit making so much more possible.
Special thanks is due to the Springboro Schools Food Service staff who made our first distributions after the shutdown last March very generous and who were extremely gracious with their time and efforts.
We are also incredibly thankful for our church community. Many pastors are among our regular volunteers and many bring groups of congregation members to volunteer as well. Additionally, they have worked together to make sure a food drive is hosted for SCAC every month this year.
We know this list is incomplete, but we call attention to and thank the following:
Jimmy Aker, Keith and Hannah Allen, Juliette Dame, Katie Cameron, Connor Cameron, Claire Campbell, Christina Chaball, Amanda Cox, Surabhi Gadwalkar, Rachel Gellenbeck, Sandy Goodrich, Haley Gosselin, Harry Hall, Steve Hegwood, Katrina and Scylah Hill, Bella Hurley.
Ronald, Ronnie and Sam Mazuk, Susan and Dona Menrisky, Jessica Meyerhofer, Srithan Mopuru, Alyssa Pugnate, Steve Rudisill, Luke Sandro, Tina Schrof, Nancy Slezak, Justin Smith, Katie Sorrell, Sandi Thompson, John Tipler.

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